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Fire rages through the under-construction Mandarin Oriental hotel, which is part of China Central Television's new headquarters complex in downtown Beijing, China, on February 9, 2009. Part of the iconic CCTV (China Central Television) complex, the building housing the Mandarin Oriental Hotel exploded after it caught on fire Monday, the last day of celebrations for the lunar new year when the city was alight with fireworks. The building was designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and is part of CCTV's new headquarters, an angular wonder of modernist architecture that was built to coincide with the Beijing Olympics last year. The fire was burning from the ground floor to the top floor, the flames reflecting in the glass facade of the main CCTV tower next to the hotel and cultural center. The 241-room Mandarin Oriental hotel in the building was due to open this year. Photo by Stringer/Pictobank